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Tight Rope (Paper Idol Remix)

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  • Продолжительность: 799
  • Просматривали: 13
  • Опубликовано: 30.11.2021

Текст песни Paper Idol - Tight Rope (Paper Idol Remix)

I stand so far

From the things I said I wanted

I can only see the stars

From the rooftop to the cars

They look a million miles away

Still can't decide

If I fall is it a favor?

Let the wind dry out my eyes

I can walk or I can fly

Like I'm a million miles high

She knows my favorite ice creams

She takes my advice, skips through the fight scenes

But I'm still on the short leash

I hate when she tugs and shrugs at my "No, please"

I wish that I could say it loud

But I could never be so proud

The rain won't ever leave this cloud

I cave in on the weekеnds

I'm still half asleep from week out and week in

At least I'm never lonеly

A stone for my shoulder, cold matrimony

I wish that I could read her mind

The tension in the storyline

I won't make the walk this blind

My mind is on a tightrope

Her lovin' never lets me down

I'm shaking in the rainstorm

Pray feet don't you fail me now

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