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It’ll Be Okay

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  • Опубликовано: 02.12.2021

Текст песни Shawn Mendes - It’ll Be Okay

Shawn Mendes - It’ll Be Okay

Are we gonna make it?

Is this gonna hurt?

Oh, we can try to sedate it

But that never works


I start to imagine a world where we don't collide

It's making me sick but we'll heal and the sun will rise

If you tell me you're leaving, I'll make it easy

It'll be okay

If we can't stop the bleeding

We don't have to fix it, we don't have to stay

I will love you either way

Ooh-ooh, it'll be oh, be okay


Oh, the future we dreamed of is fading to black

Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh

Oh, thеre's nothing more painful

Nothing more painful, oh-woah (Oh-woah)

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